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The road from media consultant to an industry's advocate.

Just like the “road less travelled”, it’s the twists and turns that keep things lively. Over 30 years ago, I began working with a few franchised automobile clients and it grew into an added, provided service of managing their local professional association… thereby joining the ranks of the “association executive”.

As advertising and association executives, we attend and conduct meetings, conferences, workshops and special events all over the country, making lasting relationships that have lasted years. During that time, we’ve learned a lot more from our members than they from us. For example, as the dealer association management team for both the Rio Grande Valley and for El Paso, we’ve learned how much time, talent and money is donated to their communities, how much they care for their employees, and how they contribute to the area’s economy. Most of all, we’ve learned how the competitiveness of franchised dealers lowers retail prices and benefits consumers.

The point is… Bucket Works is an advertising agency that, while providing advertising services, ended up advocating for them as well. The same has happened within the advertising industry by managing the Corpus Christi Chapter of the American Advertising Federation. After serving as their media consultant, we also now manage the Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse.

We believe in our clients enough to ingest industry data and immerse ourselves enough to advocate for them at any and every opportunity. From that immersion comes inspiration, motivation and, quite often, a road we might not have expected… but enjoy immensely. “And that has made all the difference.” (Robert Frost)

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