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My Name is Jon and I'm a Facebooker.

I thought I was already “immersed” and “engaged” simply by being on Facebook. Sitting out back by the fire-pit, Facebooking with cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends had become a frequent pastime. I can keep up with most of the folks I care about. Posting, updating, commenting and liking had replaced many of my television hours. I thought I had become quite a social media whiz…at least until one of my nephews pointed out that my comment under his post of his son dressed as Darth Vader was a little confusing. I had simply commented, “Robert…I am your father.”

Seemed like a perfectly innocent and expected comment, initially. I have also learned from my daughters that some of my comments may come off “a little creepy” when that was far from the intent… really! And, if I don’t respond quickly to Daphne’s (the oldest daughter’s) new profile picture, I’m in a LOT of trouble.

So, here’s a caution: learn social “netiquette”. There are definite dos and don’ts you should know:

  1. Be sure to like and comment on all your friends’ profile pics in a timely manner;

  2. Please don’t fight with your friends (too awkward);

  3. Don’t friend someone whom you barely know (it’s “creepy”);

  4. Do RSVP quickly to events…Sorry, Kent Cooper (Convergent Broadcasting) and Mark Schaberg (Brewster/Concrete Street) I really WANT to go to the smokers and concerts;

  5. Don’t use ALL CAPS (I didn’t mean to yell at you);

  6. And, seriously, don’t post any comments that might hurt your or your friend’s chance at a job or promotion. Facebook is now one of the first searches by prospective employers for a good look at who you really are.

If you need more do’s and don’ts, check out this Mashable article.

So, is Facebook a habit? Nope, it’s personal communication and we like how it makes us feel. A “like” is our own, personal affirmation. In fact, studies show that the more time users spend on Facebook, the greater the reward (or pleasure). A “like” can be a simple agreement (or simply a nod), or even an expression of empathy. However, posting a comment and becoming part of a conversation with your Facebook friends is even more rewarding. And this, my friends, is what makes Facebook a strong marketing tool, and why we see so many brands on Facebook, now. One caution, though: You’re spending way too much time on Facebook (and your smartphone) when your spouse pokes her (or his) head out the back door to remind you that you don’t live alone!

My name is Jon and I’m a Facebooker. While everyone below 40 is already blogging, linking-in, snapchatting, instagramming, tweeting, pinning and more, I have found that Facebook is a great start. It’s the most prolific (and oldest) of the social sites. It’s where you’ll find most of your friends and family. Why? Check out the number of current users on some of the leading sites:

Facebook: 144 BILLION users

Snapchat: 1.55 BILLION users

Linkedin: 414 Million users

Twitter: 305 Million users

Instagram: 300 Million users

Pinterest: 100 Million users

I am attempting to use them all. However, it will be gradual at first, so as to use them correctly and offer the best experience for followers, and reduce the annoyance factor… baby steps!

Hope this helps anyone still trying to join the millennium! Stay tuned to see which site I attempt to master next!

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